Rewal is an extraordinary town in the West Pomerania Voivodeship, half-way between Świnoujście and Kołobrzeg. From the Middle Ages, Rewal was a small fishing settlement, but soon, in 2026, it will celebrate the 200th anniversary of welcoming the first holiday maker! Since 1826, we have been a well-groomed, attractive holiday destination located at the Baltic seaside, rich in cliffs and dunes.

The greatest assets of the town are the iodine-rich air, magnificent views, the most beautiful sand, a wide beach with picturesque cutters, seagulls and breakwaters, a friendly atmosphere, interesting people and numerous forms of entertainment available particularly in the summer.

The neighbourhood is great for walks and hikes:

  • Rewal – scenic vantage points; unique proximity of cliffs and dunes; interesting places, squares and monuments; tourist attractions and excellent restaurants; sports facilities: a sports hall, courts and pitches.
  • Trzęsacz – ruins of a medieval church; a palace and park complex; a renovated church; a habitat of sand martin; a landing site for hang-gliders and para-gliders
  • Niechorze – a lighthouse; old fishersmen’s developments, a pier, Fishing Museum and tourist attractions
  • Pobierowo and Pogorzelica – wonderful seaside forests with hiking and cycling routes
  • Trzebiatów – St Mary’s church with one of the highest towers in Poland; remains of medieval defence walls; Młynówka Palace with a great museum; Elephant’s trail, that is the tourist route of the Hansken Elephant; Thursday marketplace, where local producers from the whole voivodeship offer their goods
  • Kamień Pomorski – Romanesque and Gothic cathedral with a unique cloister and organs; a medieval town hall and the remains of fortifications; a tower with the rock museum and the latest addition – the Kamień Land Museum with the skeleton of an alleged vampire; as well as modern marina and pier
  • Gryfice – the seat of the poviat district with a magnificent park complex by the Rega River, river cascades and the remains of medieval development
  • BikeSystem, i.e. a communal chain of bike rentals and a growing network of cycling paths
  • Seaside Narrow Gauge Railway on the Trzęsacz – Pogorzelica route

In the vicinity, there are excellent conditions for practising sports: all water sports, hang-gliding, para-gliding, tennis, running, horse-riding, cycling trips, nordic walking and, for connoiseurs: walking, lounging and dancing.

Rewal by night !

There is nothing like this in the city !

Still in its place !